Facebook challenges Skype. Call your friend!

di - 30 gennaio 2011

Facebook challenges Skype. The news is moving along the web. Marck Zuckeberg is launching his own VoIP phone service. Since next March,each user of the popular social network,will be able to chat or directly call his friends, making a video call by his own webcam. It’s a real communication revolution!

The circle closes: Facebook is about to become the uttest service in the world for communications. With 500 million users all around the worls, it’s going to shake down the bases of the telecom giants.

Verizon, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Telefonica and Vodafone, the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, in the last day of trading, have recorded a huge stocks crash, which has been defined “extraordinary” by Bloomberg.

This crash may not be accidental, but closely linked to the revolutionary novelty that Facebook is going to introduce next March.

The news appeared for the first time yesterday, January 29th, on some of the most important and well-informed magazines, as FastCompany and BusinessInsider. As them, we bring this news to people’s attention,but we find ourselves also pretty surpised, because this idea comes unexpected, if we think about the recent agreement between Facebook and Skype, which was about the migration of identities from the first to the second.

Facebook’s announcement is devastating and seems to be a solo initiative, coming directly from Mark Zuckerberg himself, as rumors are saying.

We look forward to this amazing revolution.

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